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Set your schedule, advertise your business, and choose your profit with Edyoos' simple, seamless parking management platform. Everything you need to keep things running smoothly, all in one place, and 100% free. 

Flights & Cruises

Hotels & Businesses

Events & Attractions

Shopping & Dining

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Any Parking Space

Bring in a new revenue stream, or save on your existing parking management software with a 100% free platform. You choose your own rate, users pay our service fee. Set your availability, charge extra for VIP spots, and offer amenities if desired.


Your Parking Management

Edyoos is a 100% touchless, cashless, and ticketless. Your parking is conveniently managed through our online portal, by your team or ours. Offer as many, or as few spaces as you want. We'll even integrate Edyoos with your existing parking system.


Clients & Customers

Make parking faster, easier, and safer for your customers. With Edyoos, they'll have access to real-time tracking and support, as well as answers to your most frequently asked questions. Users can reserve parking in minutes, either online, or with the Edyoos app.

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#1 In Revenue Retention

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