Edyoos understands that no two parking lots are the same. That's why we provide custom partnerships based on your individual needs. Flexibility is key, so we offer a wide range of services.


Towing Alternative

Edyoos offers a proven alternative that can replace towing while still enforcing reservations.

Admin Portal

The Edyoos admin portal allows you to manage pricing, availability, and more in real-time.

Parking Management

Edyoos is as hands-on as you want us to be. We offer full-service parking management, customized to your needs.


Edyoos lists you on our search engine to capture new clients. Existing clients can also benefit from your new service.

Parking Signs

Edyoos offers both permanent and temporary informational & directional signs, installed based on your needs.


Already have parking set up? No problem. Edyoos is fully able to integrate with your current system.

Web Design

Need to kickstart your web presence? The Edyoos team can help create the perfect website for your business.


Our apps can be found in the Google Play & Apple app stores, ensuring a smooth, cash-free experience.

KPI Dashboard

Track your parking management with real-time custom data, filtered to show you the data that matters.

Touchless Solution

Keep your customers and your team safe with contact-free parking. Everything can be done online or mobile.

Revenue Control

With Edyoos, you control 100% of your profits, 100% of the time. Payment is collected completely online.


QR Code

Edyoos can provide QR codes or integrate with your existing QR codes to enhance your parking operations.

White Label

Edyoos offers our platform for use as your own, through your own branded website or landing page.

Prime Parking

If you own a parking lot for transient businesses or in a busy area, Edyoos allows for VIP parking options.


Add convenience & security to your existing valet service by offering a cashless alternative with Edyoos.

License Plate Recognition

Edyoos uses license plates to help manage all your parking reservations, and can integrate with LPR technology.

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